Halloween 2009

hallo 42


With a few notes.

I drew a face, Will and Paul carved a pumpkin.  (I don’t dig out pumpkins because the uncooked innards of squash and pumpkin make my hands swell up like big red mitts.)  Our pumpkin is the one beside the kids on the stairs in the picture below.  I drew the left eye over too far because I didn’t think enough about the curve of the pumpkin.

We ate veggie chili, pumpkin seeds (my first time making), and lentil soup with friends over seasonal colored lights.  And tricked or treated.  At one point, the group of kids and adults went into the range of 50+ people… “candy locusts” according to Paul.

Will finished first with a house and ran ahead the group.  We saw him climbing around the big base of an oak tree near the sidewalk.  At least we thought.  Conversations about appropriate bathroom spots for men followed.

Kate had to be rushed back for a potty break.

A house ran out of candy and started to give out books.  Will spent the rest of the night “reading” his book, page by page, while I held his candy bag.  The book?  MADAME BOVARY.

Happy Halloween!

(The very last picture is my favorite.)

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