5-year old medical practice.

Kate recently failed a middle ear hearing test.  Yesterday, Will complained that his left ear (his problem ear) hurt and that he couldn’t hear out of it.  I called the doc; Paul took them this afternoon while I was teaching.  This is the story that unfolded for me when I got home:

Paul: Will’s ear tube fell out.

Me: Wow, already?

Paul: Except he put it back in.

Me: What?

Paul: Tell Mommy about your tube, Will.

Will: My tube fell out after lunch.  I put it back.  Then the doctor found it.

Me: You put the ear tube back in your ear?  Just pushed it in?

Will: Yes, I put it back in.  A lot of earwax pushed it out.

Paul: The doctor said the hole will be around for a few more weeks, maybe months.  There is fluid inside the eardrum, though.  We just have to watch it and keep using his ear drops.

Me: Will, next time something falls out of your head, put it in your pocket and tell an adult before you put it in your ear, okay?