Photohunt: Space


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Back to the post…

The post-Mardi Gras post-Disney bliss is wearing off around here, thanks to the cold one-two punch of reality.  Big hits this week included my Mother’s illness (update: she finally had the surgery and will hopefully be home later this weekend), returning to grading and classroom coordination, preparing final syllabus changes for the course this summer, the kick-off to a 2-year participatory action research project using Photovoice that I’m stoked about, and a long Skype call with a committee member who gave me some much needed advice when she basically told me to stop each and everything I am doing that isn’t my dissertation AND JUST FINISH THE DAMN THING.  I need to hear this over and over and over again.

And then, I think I need to check out for awhile.  Maybe live in a convent in Mexico for a few months.  Somewhere I can be left with quiet and air and my computer.  In sort, if I’m going to finish this thing, I need SPACE.

Here is some inspiration, both taken during last fall’s trip to Pittsburgh.

At the time, I was a little obsessed with panning.  This is a branch of fall leaves.  I like the feeling of flying into it, which is why it makes me think of space.  Warp speed, Captain Zulu!

This was taken in the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum.  It’s a huge table of colored sand.  My Dad spun the table while I held the camera for a long(er) exposure.  It reminds me of the cloud-like nebulae in deep space…

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