Kate goes crunch.

Will and Kate share a bedroom, which means that we must remove one of them from the room each night in order for either of them to fall asleep.  Tonight Kate wandered to our room while I read bedtime stories (apparently she was not interested in hearing Will’s insults to my French accent).  She crawled in bed and went to sleep with little fuss.

We should have known something was up.

A few hours later, Paul comes to get me from my computer… NOW IN THE BACK IN THE NEW STUDY… where I am working.

“I tried to move your daughter and she went ‘crunch.'”

“What do you mean, crunch?”

“I think you need to come and see.”

“Is something wrong?”

“I don’t know.  She just went crunch.”

I walk in the room and Paul says, “this is what I felt when I picked her up.”  He hands me a pile of this:

And we turn on the light to find this:

Explained by this:

And this:

All done by this:

Note to household: this is not a good time for a papercut.