Frodo would totally freak.

Sunday morning stroll through City Park’s NOMA Sculpture Garden.

Or, not so much stroll as children running madly through the Spanish moss and spider legs.

And trying, in vain of course, to catch the ultimate of all throws…

Kate stood here for 3 Solid Minutes.  Remarkable, because she has never stood in one place for even a quarter of that time frame, anywhere.  We had to actually wave our hands in front of her face to bring her back.

Dad!  I can’t reach!

Crossing the great divide.

Or jumping.  I tried to tell Will to jump high (so as to see air in the reflection under his feet) but he wasn’t in the mood to play my photography games.  Paul tolerated it, Kate ignored it.

He did, however, not “AWWWW MOMMMMMY!” when I took these, which is a marked improvement over the usual reaction.

He even hammed it up a little.  Boy that kid needs a haircut.  From someone other than me.

She needs one, too.  No ham here, just cheese.

Mother and child piece that the kids freak out over because she’s standing on another smaller figure, which Paul delights in telling the kids “it’s Daddy, Mommies stand on Daddies.”