Season of Giving

Do you want a Digital SLR camera?

I’ve got one, and I want to give it away.  With it’s lens.  To you, if you’re up for it.

Here’s the catch: my original DSLR, the 300D Rebel, died from secondary mirror failure a year and a half ago.  We did some mirror DIY stuff, problem solved, talked to Canon, and eventually just put it to the side.  It will cost $175-200 to repair and I kept thinking I would do this, or grow the confidence to take it all apart and try to fix it myself.  It’s not going to happen.  I don’t want to risk breaking it if someone else out there is interested in fixing it, particularly if it means they will then get to have a digital SLR.

DSLRs still start at over $300.  For used models.  $200 is a good price for a used 300D with lens.  This particular camera kit sells used for $350-500.  The lens sells for about $100; it is most common bought and sold as the “kit” lens for Rebels.  (Note that now they sell the “II” version of this lens, but it is essentially the same — see details about it here: )

Or, maybe you’ve got a kid who is into taking apart electronics?  Mine aren’t old enough for this sort of experimentation, but if you’ve got one who is…?  I’m okay with that, too.

I’ve put it up on craigslist, listing it for sale because my experience in giving things away via craigslist and freecycle is that there are a ton of responses and very few follow-throughs.  So now I tie a price to the item — only serious people bother.  Although what typically happens is that when the person shows up for the item, we end up giving it to them when they turn out to be nice, regular folks.  Because it’s just the right thing to do.

I’d like to give it to you, if you’d like it.  I’ll pay for any shipping costs.

Just leave me a comment.  No need for fancy writing or a ton of links or whatever.  This is just about trying to find a home for this camera… before it gets sent off for parts via craigslist.  If no one responds, I’ll stick with craigslist.  Otherwise, I’ll choose someone here.


Okay, okay.  I admit it.  I am trying to find yet another way to say I’ve filched something from Magpie.  Technically, all sorts of people give away stuff on their blogs, too, but it was actually trying for one that made me feel like I should do it, too.  Plus, I just love that cleansing, complete, satisfying feel that the word filch leaves in my mouth.  Because there aren’t enough sentences in a day that need the word filch.

UPDATE:  A friend of a friend without a blog emailed me.  It’s gone to a good cause!