All I want is loving you and music, music, music

We saw WALL-E again over Thanksgiving and I was reminded at how much I like the Peter Gabriel song, “Down to the Earth.”

I don’t have an Ipod.  I don’t use iTunes (yes, I do have a Mac).  I have not bought any online music, ever, except for ordering CDs every once in awhile from Amazon or Basin Street.

So I wondered, if I just want the Peter Gabriel song that I like, how can I get this song?  Where can I listen to it?  Can I listen to it on my interview recorder (which will play MP3s)?  If I buy a used Ipod, will it play there, too?  What if I upgrade the Ipod?  And what happens when I get a laptop — I’m not going to use only my desktop forever?

Paul started trying to explain the facts… which are basically that you never own an MP3, the player you use could be obsolete tomorrow, and compatibility is something you determine through fine print.  I’m not really into buying things I don’t need and not at all into re-buying anything ever.  The whole thing just got me more and more confused.  Then Paul remembered an xkcd cartoon that he said, explained it all very clearly.

Okay.  NOW I understand.

What I wonder now is how people use their Ipods, and what experiences with incompatibility have they had?  Do you have advice or stories on how you enjoy music, where you store it, how much you spend, etc. etc?  Me, the music Luddite, wants to know.

And just ’cause I like it, you can hear it here…