And then the roof caved in.

It’s 2 days until we leave for yet-another-trip.  Which means that we’ve picked up a time sensitive renovation project that must be finished before it rains OR ELSE.  Because we are predictable like that.

While we picked pumpkins and played in corn mazes and rode on hay, a student from the summer’s Peru course took the shingles off of our roof.  Then he and Paul spent the rest of the weekend re-roofing.  Paul has been getting up to work at 4:30am to be done in the early afternoon to work on the house; Cien will join him again tomorrow after he aces a big exam tomorrow.  They have until dusk tomorrow to finish, else this weekend’s rain will do us in.  (The weather report specifically says that the chance of rain is 100% if we do not have the protective mulehide on the outbuilding.)

Notice the new wood.  And the old roof, filling our backyard.  Almost time for another dumpster!  Here is a view from the ladder (yes, I climbed the ladder).  You can see the back and side headers are new.  See where the joists are joined together to the left?  That’s because they found ACTIVE TERMITES, who were happily munching away at the roof, having made lunch of major portions already.  (We called, it’s under contract, the bug guys came today.)

The other side.  You can see more of the new headers and blocking.  The roof prior had no blocking, so adding it in was important.  Takes time to make all those cuts.

Here’s another view where you can see little channels in the base of the joists — see the little notches?  They had to cut each of those out by hand.

Working on the roof does have it’s risks.  Particularly when it’s a termite-eaten roof.

Some good news: when it happened, workers also on rooftops a few buildings over hollered over to make sure he was okay.  And more good news!  Because of how he caught himself, the vasectomy we were planning may not be necessary.  The hole (below) came from the fall, I’m told.

The (floppy hat) man and his saw.