When parents are geeks.

Will is on a roll, yammering on and on in the backseat about swimming in the “Nindianic Ocean,” (I’m told it’s in the Arctic), which is filled with whales that eat all people (“both boys AND girls”), has dangerous seals that bite, and also(!) many, MANY penguins.

Kate tries to periodically chime in with key words, but even she is forced silent in the face of Will’s unending monologue.

I turn to Paul with a glance of surrender.  There is no other choice but to let the words pour from the boy while we sit defenseless.  Meanwhile, Will has begun to run a new tangent about “injas” who live in the country of “Chinese”.  In case you were wondering, they were trained by knights in the 1870s.  I stifle a laugh and sigh.

Me: “And here we are, without the voice recorder, unable to capture all of this.”

Paul: “It wouldn’t help.  Our son is Quantum Mechanical.”

M: “Quantum Mechanical?  How is one Quantum Mechanical, exactly?”

P: “He runs by the rules of Quantum Mechanics.”

M: (not following) “He’s a cat in a box?”

P: “Meaning that you can only know his velocity or his position.”

M: “So, we could record his position…”

P: “But would then loose the ability to see where he is going.”

M: “In other words…”

P: “It is impossible to understand what he is currently going on about and see where it is going at the same time.”

M: “Yup.  That pretty much sums it up.”

Then, I think, I said something about the total hotness of a science geek.  Because nothing speaks to a woman like knowledge of quantam mechanics.