Gustav… the update.

A few strong cells have moved through Mobile, but nothing so threatening that we bothered to move chairs inside. Compared to the rain and wind the area had during Katrina, this is just a mild thunderstorm for Mobile.

News from NOLA trickles in, but mostly we are keeping the sets OFF. I’m tired of ridiculous weathermen jockeying for prime spot in the middle of a torrent, and each time the disappointment of a missed disaster creeps into their voices I want to retch. The over-magnified drama of it makes us worry more than we need to right now, while we are powerless and far away, and more importantly, it worries the kids. Que sera, sera… we’ll deal with the aftermath when it’s time.

Newest diversion: Lego Star Wars on the Xbox. I’m trading the household violence restrictions for quality time with Will, who is delighted at the prospect of blasting Storm Troopers. Granted, his coordination is such that he tends to blast me, his game partner, more than the Storm Troopers.  You win some, you lose some. I’m reading him books about bunnies at night to make up for the Star Wars time. They negate each other, right?