I prefer my hurricanes on ice, served beach-side… tiny umbrella optional.

We’ve been back an hour and it doesn’t seem like we’ve got many more ahead of us before we will hit the road again. It looks like the city will declare mandatory evacuation early (this time) and we want to be out before the traffic piles up… BUT… we can’t leave until we know that important life events, like the mandatory orientation for the kids’ new school and my interview with WLAE, are rescheduled. Paul is going to help his clients on the Northshore prepare for the storm on Friday, so the earliest we can leave is Friday night, anyway.

And if it’s headed toward Mobile, is that really where we want to evacuate? This is what we did last time, only to move on to Jacksonville when Katrina knocked the power out in Alabama and left us with only a static radio voice announcing the flooding of New Orleans. It really doesn’t matter where we go, just as long as we have internet so that Paul can continue to work.

We’re thinking that we should go back to the panhandle beaches. One storm already looped all around us there, surrounding us with clouds and showers on all sides while we enjoyed clear blue pool days in the center. Maybe our luck will hold out a second time if we return?