Heeere, Fishy Fishy

It’s been two very full, very long days… with a very early morning tomorrow (we leave at 4am) to visit the fish market in Callou at dawn.

Tomorrow afternoon is “off,” which will give time to do the numerous TA jobs keeping me up all night… and to catch up here. I tried to upload yesterday’s pictures to Smugmug last night while we slept, and woke up to find it failed. Rat farts. Using a different strategy, we’re trying again tonight.

One thought, though: Did Will’s voice always sound so angelic? Like the clouds opening up and angels singing? It’s all I can do to keep him talking. Thank goodness for Skype.

And a question: Would hearing my voice upset Kate? Apparently, she is missing me… crying periodically for Mommy. Would my singing her to sleep upset her? I’m guessing it might. It’s selfish to want to talk to her, too… but what I would give to hear her!