Estamos Aqui

Three flights, no delays, Green taxi, no hitches.

Some notes: Spirit does not give anything on flights… no drinks, snacks, or meals. Drinks and snacks are available only for credit card purchase… when their credit card machine is working. Pack a dinner.

Even with lack of meal on 6 hour flight, Spirit was worth it because we booked early and paid an extra $20 for one of 8 “big front seat” seats. Awesome.

Paul and I are sharing a ‘habitacion matrimonal’ with a shared bathroom in One Hostel in Barranco, which has it’s own facebook page. It’s very clean.

So far, the constant soundtrack has been 80s pop… Tears for Fears, Eurthymics, Men Without Hats. Resting and settling tomorrow… Monday morning we start with the course orientation.