The Plague Continues… and Continues

Kate has conjunctivitis. She is getting drops in her eyes regularly. They are really, really, really goopy. She just woke up crying because she couldn’t open her left eye; it was glued shut. Otherwise, she is totally fine (read: a complete maniac.)

Will has been switched from one pink stuff to another pink stuff. The pediatrician I spoke to this morning about Kate switched him on her suggestion that amoxicillin isn’t as effective. The issue came up because, while asking about Kate’s eye, I also had to ask for a refill on Will’s antibiotic because we’d used half of the bottle putting the medicine in a thousand concoctions to try and get him to take it painlessly. In the end, we put him in time out until he took his medicine. It took about 2 hours this morning. Tonight, it only took about an hour. We’re hopeful for continued improvement in this regard.

I stopped by the house this afternoon — the heat was set to 60 degrees and the heater didn’t turn off the whole time I was there. We’re in the toasty apartment again tonight but unfortunately have to leave tomorrow.

Paul has not showered in two days, is beat, and complaining of sore throat. That annoying scratch in the back of my throat has not gone away… it’s gotten worse. I didn’t sing the kids to bed tonight. It’s time to admit that one or both of us may need a swab in the back of the throat… which means we need a doctor, something we haven’t had locally since the storm (yup, we’ve not had a primary doctor for over 2 years).

Anyone local reading this have any suggestions?