Thanksgiving came — and with it, my parents, brother, and sister-in-law. It was fabulous having that many family around. Always someone ready and willing to entertain the kids, always other people around thinking about things like what to have for dinner and whether anything in the dryer needs folded, and lots of helping eyes, hands, and ears.

My Mom outdid herself with FOUR pies. Major portions of 2 are still in our fridge. She marked each of the apple pies for Will and Kate — one with a “W” and one with a “K.”
Will was so excited about Uncle Skip and Aunt Emily’s arrival around noon on Thanksgiving Day that he didn’t nap… and fell asleep just as we were getting a 3:00 meal to the table. (My Mom pre-made almost everything, making this the earliest Thanksgiving dinner on record.) Kate, however, was ready for chow!
And yes — I was Thankful. For the usual stuff… health, home, and happy kids who do not know hunger or the sounds of bombs and go to sleep without fear.