Benefits Put to Use

Thanks to the thoughtfulness of some of Paul’s coworkers, he is getting disability for last week and this week — a welcomed relief since now he is not eating through his precious vacation time as he recovers. This has made us feel so much better; Paul may not be able to drive or work long hours, but he can catch up on little things… like pulling the family video off of tapes and burning it onto disc AND drawing up plans on graph paper for the back of the house. We’re trying to look at this as an extra bit of time to get really prepared for the renovation (since we are seriously delayed at starting it)… pricing out doors and windows, deciding on materials.

Paul’s Mom left this morning and we are officially on our own. We were really lucky to have her here; if Paul had to loose his appendix, we’re glad it happened the day his Mom was scheduled to arrive. One more pair of hands offers many moments of respite for me… they let me sleep in little two mornings and have generous time in the bathroom to do things working Moms only dream of… like brush my hair and floss. I’m the only driver now which brings one more logistical issue to the already overwhelming mess of kids, class, guest speakers, assignments, and grading. Through on party-planning, holiday prep, house plans, Paul care-taking, and general things like laundry and meals… wow. I have absolutely no idea how single parents manage. Thank goodness I have the Abeona Village helping out with the kids each day.

The assignments I had intended to turn back in tomorrow? Five are graded out of the two hours I worked on them. I’ve got 38 more to go. I’d really like to finish them on Wednesday before family arrives. I have high hopes for down time this holiday weekend!