Before — After

We enjoyed a quiet, quiet, quiet night last night. Everyone slept in — until 9am!! We all were exhausted by the lack of sleep.

Paul and Kate are in the potentially losing battle against a bug. Will and I are tired, but don’t seem to be under any microbial influences, yet. So Paul didn’t juggle at the Children’s Event downtown as originally planned. Instead, I put him to work in the kids’ closet.

Before — just a sagging bar. One shelf. This is the largest closet of the three closets in the house (three total, anywhere — no linen closet, no coat closet, no utility closet — the study closet is tiny and the closet in our room isn’t deep enough for hangers to hang straight, everything is in at an angle). The kids have one drawer each for clothes and one bin for sock, undies and accessories… which cuts down on them having needless things that don’t use. But with it being the dual-season time of year, this becomes difficult. (Usually it means that we have bins from the upper closet storage on the floor for a few months… something I’m not willing to do right now.) So I decided we needed closet space for the kids’ stuff and craft/art/painting supplies (which are currently all over the house in various parts of every room, including the kitchen table).

Closet before:

Closet after. We need to find two more shelves for the bottom section, but we have to find a way to remove the pesky Shoe-Messing-Rugrat first.
My favorite part of the closet so far is that almost everything hanging up is a costume or costume accessory. (Will spent most of the day as Buzz Lightyear minus the boots — hence why they hang alone.) My second favorite part is that almost everything on Kate’s rack (and several on Will’s) were used things I picked up at the CCEX — including a new Talbot’s kids overall & shirt, a new Janie & Jack shirt and pants, and several adorable used jumper dresses and shirts. Great scores at the CCEX this year!