Sunday: He ain’t heavy, he’s my cousin

We think that Brayden is going to adore his older cousin, Will. After just two days, Brayden developed Will’s well-established affinity for hardware.
Sunday afternoon, we took the kids to make a surprise for Nana. I’m posting two pictures that Paul took — Nana knows this much about her surprise so we’re not spoiling anything major. The remarkable thing is that Will wasn’t the one to spill the beans about our secret errand… Paul was!

Will is GREAT with babies and it was no different with Brayden. He loved giving him zerbers, playing peek-a-boo with Brayden’s feet, and tickling him… Brayden laughed and laughed at his silly cousin!

I’m already worried about when they are teenagers and ask for the keys to the car to go out together.