Thursday: Got CF?

Thursday morning was just one of those rough days. Bathroom accidents. Falling down. Diaper leaks. Upset tummies. Just one of those rough days. And so that was our morning.

Shortly before lunchtime, we headed out to Burke to see Wyatt, Eli & Wylie, who were visiting Wyatt’s family for the week while Eli was in the area for work. (They moved to LA last summer so this was a big deal!) Will continued to have a bit of a tough afternoon, but enjoyed playing pirates with Wyatt in the neighborhood playground. It was great to catch up with them; I always love talking to Eli. Wylie is as sweet as can be — huge beautiful blue eyes, pleasant demeanor, and just a happy little guy. He was adorable being pushed in a swing in the park… and when I took out my camera to take it all in, found that I’d not brought a CF card along. (This is a chronic problem for me. One that drives Paul crazy; much like my penchant for leaving shoes all over the house.) So check Eli’s blog for potential pictures… *sigh*

BUT — I did take out the camera when Randy, Katherine, and Murray came by for a late night snack. The kids were fresh out of the tub and were in great moods (i.e.: overtired and pumped up on adrenaline). We were thrilled that they made such a tremendous effort to see us, despite having heavy work and travel schedules.

Will shared ice cream dibs, sang songs, and loved on Murray.