Saturday: Birthday Party-ing in the Funky Cow

A few details…
— Paul’s b-day is May 5th, Kate’s (first!) is May 9th. We had an early birthday for them in a fun cafe in New Bern.
— But first we explored.
— Horses and carriages… churches…playgrounds…old fashion hardware stores…artsy-fartsy galore. Loved it.
— Kids had a great time in the party room at the Funky Cow — complete with a cow-themed farm in the back as a play area.

I got a bit artsy. The black-and-white seemed to work a bit more here. I think that a black and white filter would help the contrast a bit more…? But I like these.

Will loved the minivan. He told us the birthday was for him, too — and that he was now SIXTEEN and could drive.