– Three-year old temperament and tests.
– Wrangling Kate, the non-stop walking, into everything, smart, quick, and cute maniac.
– Getting Paul’s work *laptop* functioning… so that he can join me to work from Oak Street or Rue. That’s right, we’ll be able to work through Wi-Fi together out in the ambiance and atmosphere… once the darn machine is cooperating.
– Determining what to do about school for Will next year… and realizing that our options are dried up because we’ve waited too long.
– The flat tire and brake replacement on the car… and having to go to Mobile to get it fixed
– Wanting to do a hundred things (start on the back of the house renovation, upgrade to a bigger vehicle with latch, have a vacation, explore more of our local gems) but feeling overwhelmed.
– Needing appointments for a thousand services we’ve been neglecting for years (from dental to allergy to general and beyond) but unsure of who or where to go.
– Getting Kate to sleep.