The Little Man.
TLM got himself into a bit of trouble last night when he, protesting a trip the shower and using a request for a cookie as a stall tactic, peed on Paul and the kitchen floor. Whoa. We had the “we love you, but your behavior is completely unacceptable” talk and explained that he had lost the privileges of a bedtime story and goodnight song. Shower time commenced and bedtime followed. Whether because of a need to know everything was “okay” with us, or because of a need to continue to test the waters, Will had a tough time falling asleep.

For the next hour, we found him:
– Quietly typing away at Paul’s computer
– Putting on shoes in his room
– Singing songs while hanging off the base of his bed
– Using the bathroom at least 3 times (productively, though… he actually had a bad bout of diarrhea)

He was obviously aware of his transgressions, instantly went back to bed without complaint when found, and clearly found humor in the odd assortment of activities he was choosing to surprise us with.

The last stalling technique was the most impressive. I was in the kitchen and heard his little feet nearing me from the hall. I turned to see a pants-free Will shuffling down the hall, eyes tightly shut, head tilted to the side resting on his blanket, mouth trying to suppress a mischievous smile. He was trying to fake sleepwalking… it was very hard to stop from breaking out in giggles. I had to bite my lip and force every muscle into a rigid set to position him back to bed and firmly assert that he was to not get out of bed again… and then rush out the front door to the porch where I could explode in laughter without fear of being heard.