Would Snuffleupagus have been a better choice?

It was Bud’s Broiler, not Port of Call, that cooked up Paul’s first hamburger in 16 years. Will, who has been asking for nothing but hamburger for 4 days straight, was in heaven. It was in this memorable moment, between dipping his burger bites into his little cup of red-eye, that Will turned to me and clearly asked:

“Mommy, d’you havea pee-nus?”

I blinked and cleared my throat, quickly looking to catch the eyes of fellow diners, glancing over with smiles. Is this a conversation that we want to get into now? Here?

“No, Will. Mommies and little girls do not have them. And remember,” switching to a loud whisper, “we talk about penises at home, right?”

“Okay, Mommy.”

Pause. Another bite of burger goes in.


“Yes, Will?”

“Does Granna have a pee-nus?”