It’s a dog eat dog world

INHL 615: Nutrition and Health in Complex Emergencies starts tonight. Professor Mock is in Africa; I’m on for introductions and teaching the lab for the next class Thursday night. I posted syllabus, course readings and other odds and ends to the website last night. This afternoon, I’ll reserve a conference room with blackboard and computer for once-a-week office hours/discussion sessions and finalize the course schedule to hand out tonight. I still have to finish the lab assignment that I’m introducing and giving out Thursday. We’ve got some great speakers lined up… if only I can get them all to confirm. Two strapping young men have agreed to be my lab hustlers on Thursday. The course is good material and I will enjoy the reading and discussion… but I want my own class!! Cue: she works hard for the money.

Will got bit in school today. Impressively so — incisors punctured the skin through his jeans. I was told that it was an unprovoked outcome brought on by some group physical play. I’m mostly feeling very happy that Will didn’t bite or hit back. The whole incident probably scared both kids to pieces. We’re keeping it clean and keeping an eye on it; he’ll live. I feel awful for the other parents, who are undoubtably wringing their hands with worry about what to do. I know very well that this could just as easily be my child who develops a biting habit.