The Boy and His Cat

Some have called him kingly, aloof, dog-like, and loyal only to those who feed him. There may be some grains of truth in those labels, but the plain truth is: Scout is a lap cat. We thought he was our lap cat, our nightly leg-warmer. Not anymore. Each afternoon and evening, he sits on the bottom of Will’s bed, waiting. He’ll stay there patiently, until Will is too asleep to notice his heavy paws climbing across him (if he tries this while Will is awake, he’ll get pushed back to the bottom of the bed.) Once settled, he’ll stay until Will wakes up. It continues even while Will is in school. Scout curls into the bedcovers, as if keeping Will’s spot warm.

Even though we’re the ones who feed him, brush him, clean after him, and keep the kids from destroying him, we’re old news. Scout is all about The Boy now.