Word(s) of the Day

Will’s vocabulary, from most used (and articulate) to least:

1. Ma-ma (sometimes said non-stop for several minutes)

2. Uh-oh (also used in sequence over long periods of time)

3. Hi!

4. Da-da

5. Gato (“Ga-doh”) — as in “cat” in spanish.

6. Ah-ah-ah! (like the Count on Sesame Street)

7. Agua (“Ah-ga”) — as in “water” in spanish

8. Thank you (“ank u”) — this one is a stretch, but it’s there

Other fun sounds:

– zerbers

– raspberries

– hah-heh-heh (like heavy breathing, with him mouth wide open — he does this when he gets really happy)

– La-la-la (copying us when we sing – particularly when we sing “William’s Song”, which has many “la” sounds)